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Heresy - AI Composer

v1.1 December 2003


The Unique Artificially Intelligent Ringtone Composer!

Create unlimited new polyphonic ringtones in a variety of styles - no musical knowledge required!




  • Choose from 5 styles of music - Dance, Funk, Ballad, Heavy Rock & Computer Speak

  • Compose a song from random, or based on your phone number

  • Unique Form editor allows you to customize any part of the song

  • Creates ringtones with up to 24 note polyphony

  • Unique integrated drum fills created by a world class drummer

  • Save generated ringtones or send to your friends!

  • Integrated help

  • Free trial


How to use Heresy

1. Choose song type

2. Choose to generate from a Random Number or from a Phone Number

3. Enter phone number to generate from


4. Select 'Compose' to audition the song

5. A brief section of the song is played. Press 'Yes' to generate the complete song

6. The complete song is shown. Each line represents a track in the song. Each box shows if the track is playing or fading in / out


7. Highlight the track name on the left and press 'Instrument' to change the instrument

8. Tap on a track segment and press one of the segment types to change the song structure

9. Tap on the botton track and press 'Drum Fill' to select a drum fill. Each drum fill plays as it is selected. Press 'More' to hear different styles.


Heresy FAQ

Q: How does Heresy work?

A: Heresy uses AI composition techniques to generate a tune in the selected style from a random number or from a phone number. It then applies further composition techniques to create bass, drums, strings, piano and organ tracks that fit with the original tune.

Heresy is theretically capable of generating up to 4 billion squared compositions (9223372036854775808 !!) in each style, all of which will sound musically 'correct'.

Q: I've heard other so-called AI composers before - how is Heresy different?

A: Heresy is very different from other AI composer tools. Heresy has an in-built knowledge of music theory, which is applied to every stage of the composition process. Heresy is therefore unable to generate tunes which do not fit this, and is therefore unable to generate tunes which are not musically correct.

Q: Can I use the ringtones Heresy generates on other phones?

A: Ringtones generated by Heresy can be used for personal use or to send to your friends. They are stored in standard SP-Midi files, so they should play on other phones capable of playing polyphonic ringtones. However, the ringtones are created within the constrants of the Nokia 7650 / 3650 ringtone player, and so may sound slightly different on other polyphonic ringtone phones.

Q: These tunes are great - can they be used commercially?

A: Heresy is only licensed for personal use. If you think you can create a Top 10 tune from a Heresy composition, please contact heresy@wildpalm.co.uk for licensing.



Listen to Heresy

Listen to Heresy for yourself. The compositions below were created with Heresy in each of the different styles, with NO post-processing.

Heavy Rock
Computer Speak





Download Size : 86K
Installation Space Required : 125K
Memory Required for Use : 500K
Installation File :




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Price : €9.99