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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install your applications to my phone?

A: The applications are delivered as .sis files. They can be installed by using the PC Suite software, or the .sis file can be transferred directly to the phone using InfraRed, Bluetooth or Email. Applications can also be installed by visiting our WAP site.

Q: How do I remove applications from my phone?

A: Use the Manager application in the Tools folder on the phone. This lists all of the installed applications and allows them to be removed.

Q: What methods of payment does your on-line shop accept?

A: Our on-line shop can accept PayPal, Discover/Novus, Amex, Diners, Master Card, VISA, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, most electron but not all, UK and US checks, USD wires against Proformas.

Q: I don't have a credit card. How can I purchase your software?

A: If you cannot pay using the above methods, our other on-line distributors may be able to help. Please see the purchase page for the product for full details.

Q: What do I receive when I purchase your software?

A: When the software is purchased, you will receive an unlock code. The trial versions of our applications have a Register option on the main Options menu. Select this and you will be prompted to enter the unlock code. Once the correct unlock code has been entered, the full functionality of the application will be enabled.

Q: I've purchased an application from your on-line shop. When will I receive the unlock code?

A: The unlock code is sent in the email receipt as soon as the purchase is complete.

Q: I've received the unlock code, but the software says 'Invalid Code' when I enter it. What's wrong?

A: Check that you have the latest version of the software installed. The keycode supplied will be valid for the latest version, but may not work correctly on earlier versions. If the latest version is installed correctly, please send us the IMEI code of your phone, and we'll check that the registration code is correct.

Q: Are you planning to support the Microsoft Smartphone devices?

A: No, we do not currently plan to support the Microsoft Smartphone OS.

Q: Will your games run on my Java enabled phone?

A: No, our software is designed to only run on Symbian based phones.

Q: Where can I download games for the GoBoy GameBoy emulator?

A: There are links to public domain roms on the main GoBoy page. We cannot help you with finding specific games and requests for games will be ignored.