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v1.0 March 2005

Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator for your phone!

Play thousands of SEGA classics!



  • Emulates all Sega Master System and Game Gear roms
  • Full quality sound support, with volume control
  • Runs games directly from Inbox
  • Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files
  • Games run at full speed on all phones
  • Auto or Manual speed selection - to speed up or slow down games
  • Save/load game support
  • AutoSave - never lose game progress again!
  • Fully definable keys
  • Hotswap A/B buttons
  • Send games to your friends via IR or Bluetooth
  • Full 'skin' support



SonicBoy requires the use of Sega Master System (.sms) or Game Gear (.gg) rom files to operate.

WildPalm does not distribute commercial roms of any kind and requests for roms will be ignored.

Sega Master System and Game Gear are registered trademarks of SEGA Corporation


Instructions For Use

Games can be installed either by transferring the rom file to the Inbox, or by copying the rom file to the \SonicBoy directory on the internal memory or MMC card.

To transfer to the Inbox:

For IR: Start Infrared on the phone, then bring it into range of the IR receiver on the PC. The PC software should then enable you to send files to the phone.

For Bluetooth: Browse the the Inbox on the phone using the Bluetooth Explorer software. Drag the file to be transferred to the Inbox folder.

Since IR and Bluetooth software vary considerably between PC's, we unforunately cannot provide specific instructions for each user. Please see the instructions for your system software for more detail. Please make sure that the PC Suite software is not connected when transferring files directly to the Inbox..

Once the rom file has been transferred to the phone, it should automatically be recognised and SonicBoy should open. If not, try restarting the phone if SonicBoy has just been installed. Please note that only files with extension .sms/.gg are recognised. If the file has a different filename extension, try renaming the file to one of the extensions above.

To transfer to the \SonicBoy directory:

Start the PC Suite software on your PC, and browse the \SonicBoy directory on your phone. This directory is automaticallty created when SonicBoy is installed.

Alternatively, attach a memory card reader to the PC and copy the rom files directly to the SonicBoy folder of the memory card.


Games in Zip or Rar files

Games stored in .Zip or .Rar files can be played by copying the .Zip or .Rar file to the \SonicBoy folder on the phone. However, if the game is sent to the Inbox, the game must first be renamed .Zip.sms / .Zip.gg or .Rar.sms / .Rar.gg. This will allow SonicBoy to recognize that it is an archive file containing a game.


In-game menu

Once a game has been started, press the 'Options' button to open the in-game menu.

The Menu options are as follows:

File : Opens the File menu, showing the following options:

  • Save : Saves the current game to the next available save-slot. Note that save games may use up to 64K of storage space each.
  • Load : Loads a saved game. A list of saved games will be shown, with the time and date of saving.
  • Delete : Allows saved games to be deleted

Select Speed : Opens the Speed menu, showing the following options:

  • Automatic : Runs the game at 100% of the original speed
  • Manual : Allows the game speed to be manually adjusted

Select Volume: Allows the sound volume to be adjusted

Select Keys : Select which keys should be used for Up/Down/Left/Right and Buttons A/B

Swap Buttons: Swaps the Button A / Button B configuration

Exit : Exits the Emulator, and returns to the main SonicBoy screen

If AutoSave is enabled, the current game status will be automatically saved when the emulator is exited, and automatically reloaded when the game is started again.

'Skin' support

SonicBoy features full skin support, enabling any image of your choice to be used as the surround. Simply send the image to your phone and save to the built-in photoalbum / gallery. Once saved, open SonicBoy and select 'Select Skin / From Gallery' from the Options menu. Choose your skin from the gallery and it will automatically be used as the emulator surround. Note that images will be scaled to the screen size of 176x208 pixels, so images which are already at this size will be of better quality. The skin template below can be used as a starting point when designing your own skins.

Skin template:

To restore the original SonicBoy skin, simply select 'Seleect Skin / Default' from the Options menu.





SonicBoy can be purchased either via SMS or Credit Card

Purchase via SMS

SonicBoy will be charged to your phone bill

Delivery via WAP -

Please make sure your phone is WAP enabled


Purchase SonicBoy - Nokia Series 60 Edition

Price : €4.95

(Please note - actual amount depends on network operator)

Purchase via Handango

SonicBoy will be charged to your credit card

Delivery via Internet



Purchase SonicBoy - Nokia Series 60 Edition

Price : €4.95