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PhoneSecure :
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v1.4.2 November 2004


PhoneSecure is a unique security application for the Series 60 smartphone.

In the event of your phone being stolen, PhoneSecure will allow you to remotely lock the phone by sending a special text message to you phone. Once locked, it will not be possible for the thief to operate your phone, and it can only be unlocked by sending another text message with a password to your phone.

PhoneSecure can also be set to emit a high pitched siren when locked, even if the silent profile is selected, allowing you to locate your phone.


Now available in the following languages:

English, Norweigian, Polish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian



Armed with PhoneSecure, no thief will want to try stealing your phone!




  • Full security against theft of your phone - Phone cannot be operated once locked!

  • Controlled via text messages from another phone

  • Fully customizable lock message and audio alarm

  • Free 3 day trial

New in v1.1:

  • New Sim Change lock - Automatically enable lock when sim is changed

  • New Sim Reporting - Automatically send an SMS to a predefined number when the SIM is changed

  • Exit Lock - The application can now only be exited after entering the current password

  • Unlock on phone - The password can be entered on the phone instead of sending an UNLOCK text message

New in v1.1.2:

  • Improved compatibility with some SIM cards.

  • Note that the Sim Change alarm may take up to a minute before starting, depending on SIM card type

New in v1.2:

  • Password screen on startup. The password screen is no longer removed when other applications run at startup

New in v1.3:

  • Improved Incoming SMS handling. PhoneSecure messages now have priority over normal SMS messages

  • Improved SIM Change support - Now works with all types of SIM

  • Safeguard against settings change. Password is now requested before settings can be changed

  • Forgotten password support. Password can be reset by entering software registration code

New in v1.4:

  • Full Nokia 6600, 7610 and Siemens SX-1 Compatibility

  • Localizer support

New in v1.4.2:

  • Full compatibility with Sendo-X

  • Minor security fixes

  • New translations available




PhoneSecure Commands

To operate PhoneSecure remotely, you need to send special text messages to the phone.

The text messages are in the format
::COMMAND PASSWORD. i.e. Two colons followed by a command followed by a space followed by the password.
If a command is not recognised or the password is incorrect, a text message will be sent back to you detailing this.
The commands are as follows:

e.g. ::LOCK password
Locks the phone. If the lock is not enabled, a text message is returned detailing this. If the lock is enabled, the phone is locked, and a text message is sent back confirming this.

e.g. ::UNLOCK password
Unlocks the phone. This is the only method available to unlock the phone once it has been locked. A text message is sent back confirming the action.

e.g. ::IMEI password
This command retrieves the IMEI number of your phone and sends it back in a text message. This can then be used to notify the network service provider of the stolen phone.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your PhoneSecure registration code instead of your password. If the software has not yet been registered, use the code '12345' instead.


Removing or Upgrading PhoneSecure

PhoneSecure automatically starts in the background when the phone is started, which will cause an error message to be shown if the application is removed or upgraded.

Before performing either of these, open PhoneSecure and select Exit from the Options menu. This will remove PhoneSecure from memory and allow the removal or upgrade to continue.

On the Nokia 3650, PhoneSecure can only be installed to the Phone memory. If PhoneSecure were to be installed to the MMC card, removing the card could easily disable it.




Download Size : 70K
Installation Space Required : 50K
Memory Required for Use : 36K
Installation File :






Purchase PhoneSecure - Series 60 Edition


Price : €9.99



Many thanks to the following for providing translations:

Norweigian Inge Olsen
Polish 'NightHunter'
German Joerg Maass
Hebrew Marian Goldshtein
Italian Luca Carminati
Finnish Patrik Söderblom
Swedish Patrik Söderblom
Dutch Bart Gehoe
Russian Eugene Pavlov


If you would like to help translate this software to your language, we offer free registration codes for translations not already available.

Please see our WildPalm Localizer page for full information.